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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Early Harvest, Cold Press

It takes 8kg of our early harvested olives pressed at a maximum of 24 degrees to produce 1 liter of oil.

0.3% acid and 560 polyphenols

Grandpa Gold oil is produced exclusively from olives grown on our own lands.Produced with the highest technological machinery and using the right techniques preserving the highest antioxidant agents in our oil.

Granpa Gold, where you can smell fresh almond, grass and apple, received full marks from the world's most experienced olive oil tasters.

A perfect olive oil with a balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency.

To ensure freshness and prolong the antioxidant agents in our oil, after opening transfer any unused oil into glass bottles (preferably less than 1 lt. capacity). Store in a cool and dark place.